Juniors' Coaching

January classes are now bookable.. see below.

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September 2022 junior classes: (register in Acebook)
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Class details: 


All classes will be available to register and pay through our Acebook system.

More details on junior classes can be found below along with how to register on Acebook if not already done.

Our simple pricing structure for this term is:

1hr -£5 per session / £40 per term

1.5hr -£7.50 per session / £60per term.

Payment for the term must be made through Acebook on the first week of the term.

There is £30 registration fee for all non-members. (This one-off registration payment can be made through bank transfer to:

"C I Y M S" (including the spaces) Sort Code 95 01 21 Account 62781794, use your name as the reference).

Numbers are restricted due to Covid guidelines so sign up fast!

For enquiries on membership, please see the "members" page on this site or contact Mandy at:



If you are not already registered with Acebook, register by going to:


then, log in and click on the class you'd like your child to attend.

So, what should you expect and what should you bring to junior sessions?

  • Please arrive early to check in with the coach or volunteer. This particularly applies on the first week to reconcile payments and emergency contact numbers

  • Your child will need to bring their own tennis racquet

  • Your child will be asked to sanitise hands on arrival

  • Your child should bring a pocket sanitiser and will be encouraged to use it frequently throughout the day

  • Additional sanitisers are held with each coach

  • Coaches will work to minimise children handling balls through use of live ball drills

  • Please bring a minimum amount of possessions courtside, ideally racquet, jacket and water

  • There are no rubbish bins on site during this phase of reopening, so please pack a small plastic bag and take rubbish home

  • We have revised our First Aid procedures and a first aid kit including mask and gloves will be courtside

  • Any children displaying illness will be isolated and parents contacted

  • Classes will wind up 5 minutes before end of session in order get balls in and children exiting courts safely.


Above all your child should expect lots of fun, lots of good tennis in a safe environment!

Junior class descriptions:

Red ball:

This is aimed at 4-7 year olds. It's played with a larger than normal red transition, low compression ball. This makes the ball easier to use for the younger children giving a much higher rate of success. The emphasis here is in fun and the learning of simple A,B,C's agility, balance and coordination. Technical content is very basic and only at grass root and fundamental levels.

All red class last for 1hr.


Orange ball:

This is a step up from a red ball class and aimed at children 6-9 years old. It uses a normal size low compression transition orange ball. This stops the ball bouncing to high for the children and assists them to develop their technical and tactical skills and allows them to rally and score. Coaching become more technical and various different grips are introduced e.g. eastern and semi western.

Orange ball classes are 1hr.


Green ball:

This is a progression from an orange ball class aimed at children from 9-11years.  The ball used is normal sized and has a compression level between an orange ball and a normal standard tennis ball. Green class are play on a 3/4 sized tennis court and kids are encouraged to serve, rally, score and compete. All elements of tennis are introduced during lessons. Projection, reception, technique, body biomechanics and tactical awareness.

Green ball classes are 1.5hrs.


Yellow ball

This is the progression from a green ball class. They are aimed at children from 10 years old to adult level. A standard tennis ball is used hence the bounce is higher so the children must be able to play a competent game of tennis with a green ball in order to progress on. All aspects of tennis or covered during a term of yellow ball classes. Techniques, tactics, biomechanics, fitness etc. The children are always encouraged to play, compete and score at this level.

All yellow ball classes are 1.5 hrs.