Coaching is normally available for all standards from complete beginners up to 1st division league players.

Coaching has been postponed during the pandemic but adult drills classes and junior camps are commencing Wed 15 July 

Our coaches are highly experienced, fully qualified and infectiously motivating!

Led by Stephen Watters, find out more about the team here.

See the class descriptions after the coaching notice below.

July/August 2020 coaching:​

Exciting News: Our Coaching Team is Back for both Juniors and Adults!!


For both junior camps and adult drills, coaching will take place as follows:


Week 1: Wed 15/7 – Fri 17/7

Week 2: Mon 20/7 – Fri 24/7

Week 3: Mon 27/7 – Fri 31/7

Week 4: Mon 03/8 – Fri 07/8

Week 5: Mon 10/8 – Fri 14/8

Week 6: Mon 17/8 – Fri 21/8

Week 7: Mon 24/8 – Fri 28/8


Subsequent weeks will likely be offered into the new school term depending on demand.




We are delighted to announce our 1st Summer Camp from 15th July

Owing to the C-19 restrictions, there will be a higher coach to player ratio of one coach per only 6 juniors per court therefore places will be limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.


Camps will be restricted to:


-Members Only

-Maximum of 18 players (in bubbles of 6 over 3 courts)

-Morning Sessions 10am – 12.45pm, afternoon sessions 1.15pm - 4pm

-Camps must be booked for a minimum of a Mon-Fri week (weekly cost £75 for the first child and £65 for additional children from the same household).  The first week of only 3 days (Wed 15th-Fri 17th) costs £45 for the first child and £39 for siblings.


We are introducing a phased return to camps to allow our team to follow the required guidelines and ensure your child’s safety.  The first camp will be restricted to yellow ball players only but this will be extended to green and orange ball players when the coaching team sees fit.

Please register your interest in camps by emailing


ADULT DRILLS CLASSES starting 15th July 2020.


These will run each morning from 9-10.

Classes must be booked for a minimum of 1 week

To register for classes please email

Cost £20 per Mon-Fri week (non refundable) (£12 for week 1 commencing Wed 15th July)

Junior class descriptions:

Red ball:

This is aimed at 4-7 year olds. It's played with a larger than normal red transition, low compression ball. This makes the ball easier to use for the younger children giving a much higher rate of success. The emphasis here is in fun and the learning of simple A,B,C's agility, balance and coordination. Technical content is very basic and only at grass root and fundamental levels.

All red class last for 1hr.


Orange ball:

This is a step up from a red ball class and aimed at children 6-9 years old. It uses a normal size low compression transition orange ball. This stops the ball bouncing to high for the children and assists them to develop their technical and tactical skills and allows them to rally and score. Coaching become more technical and various different grips are introduced e.g. eastern and semi western.

Orange ball classes are 1hr.


Green ball:

This is a progression from an orange ball class aimed at children from 9-11years.  The ball used is normal sized and has a compression level between an orange ball and a normal standard tennis ball. Green class are play on a 3/4 sized tennis court and kids are encouraged to serve, rally, score and compete. All elements of tennis are introduced during lessons. Projection, reception, technique, body biomechanics and tactical awareness.

Green ball classes are 1.5hrs.


Yellow ball

This is the progression from a green ball class. They are aimed at children from 10 years old to adult level. A standard tennis ball is used hence the bounce is higher so the children must be able to play a competent game of tennis with a green ball in order to progress on. All aspects of tennis or covered during a term of yellow ball classes. Techniques, tactics, biomechanics, fitness etc. The children are always encouraged to play, compete and score at this level.

All yellow ball classes are 1.5 hrs.

Adult class descriptions:

Begin her classes:

These are classes aimed at beginner ladies. The sessions focus on technique and aim to give all involved not only a fun introduction to tennis, but also the basic techniques and skills to allow them to enjoy the game and improve their play.



Fast track tennis:

This is a step up from the begin her classes and is open to both men and women. Again the primary focus is on technique, but we try to incorporate more live ball play and rallying. This is a great course if you haven't played for a while and are keen to get back into tennis and to club play.


Cardio tennis:

It is all in the name! The aim here is to give you an extreme cardio workout with the enjoyment of hitting some tennis balls. Very little coaching is done as the primary focus is to make you sweat and raise the heart rate!!


Mixed drills and points:

These classes are very popular as they contain a little bit of everything. Technical and tactical instruction is given, points are played in a variety of live ball situations and you will also get a workout and a sweat up at the same time.