We wished Head Coach Stephen all the very best in his new career as he left us in September 2020.  How we will miss this sunny smile on court!

We are lucky to still have such a strong coaching team at CIYMS, all of whom remain with us and are grateful to David Taggart who will head up the team on a temporary basis with immediate effect.

David has been busy drawing up the new coaching program, details of which appear below.

Classes restart on the week beginning 7th September.  For class descriptions, see here.

All classes are limited to 6-8 players and are bookable weekly in Acebook through the opt in system (currently in operation for club play) on a first come first served basis. This allows us to effectively plan and works as contact tracing. Players MUST register in advance and preferably pay online in advance to allow a quick check in and more playing time on courts. Non-members see below.

Just click on the class in Acebook, register or list as standby if full. The system will let you know if you are accepted following a listing on the waiting list.

Pay in advance is by online by bank transfer to –

"C I Y M S" (including the spaces) Sort Code 95 01 21 Account 62781794  Do not use this account for membership payments.

Under Payment reference provide your name and date of class

e.g Alice Ace 7/09

If you are unable to make an electronic payment a credit card contactless payment can be made on court. Please allow sufficient time to do this. We no longer accept cash payments on court.

Prices Members 1 hour £5

Members 90 mins £7.50

Non-Members 1 hour £7.50

Non-Members 90 mins £10

A “classes only” membership category is available at the cost of £60 per year (currently pro rata £35 until end March) allows access to classes at members rate.

Non-members, register by going to:|Yo375f:eHC&facility_id=1,

then log in and click on the class you'd like to attend.

You must register individually for every week of the term you have paid for, not just the first week.

Adult class descriptions:

Begin her classes:

These are classes aimed at beginner ladies. The sessions focus on technique and aim to give all involved not only a fun introduction to tennis, but also the basic techniques and skills to allow them to enjoy the game and improve their play.



Fast track tennis:

This is a step up from the begin her classes and is open to both men and women. Again the primary focus is on technique, but we try to incorporate more live ball play and rallying. This is a great course if you haven't played for a while and are keen to get back into tennis and to club play.


Cardio tennis:

It is all in the name! The aim here is to give you an extreme cardio workout with the enjoyment of hitting some tennis balls. Very little coaching is done as the primary focus is to make you sweat and raise the heart rate!!


Mixed drills and points:

These classes are very popular as they contain a little bit of everything. Technical and tactical instruction is given, points are played in a variety of live ball situations and you will also get a workout and a sweat up at the same time.